Disputes arise in every walk of life and usually at inconvenient times in our lives.  This can be as a consumer purchasing goods or services, a business dispute regarding a contract, employment disputes or insurance matters.  Our expert dispute resolution solicitors routinely assist our clients with complex litigation.  We appear in sheriff courts throughout Scotland on a regular basis.

Successful Litigators

At Pollock Fairbridge Solicitors we realise that litigation can be costly and time consuming.  We will always work with you to avoid litigation where possible, including negotiating with the ‘other side’ prior to litigation, exploring mediation or arbitration where appropriate or finding compromise where possible.  It is not always possible to resolve a dispute without court.  We regularly represent clients in all manner of cases in the sheriff courts and court of session.

Please see family or insolvency for further information relating to those disputes.

Financial Mis-Selling

Problems with your bank or pension provider?


Served with a petition for sequestration?

Debt Recovery

Are you owed money?

Personal Injury

Had a road traffic accident or accident at work?