Estate Planning

What is Estate and Succession Planning?

Pollock Fairbridge are experienced estate planning solicitors and offer expert advice to individuals on how to manage their assets and mitigate any inheritance tax liabilities on their death. This may be through tax-efficient wills, IHT exemptions and reliefs, annual gift allowances, potentially exempt transfers and trusts.

There are other difficult issues to consider if you are a business owner and wish the business to continue. Not all of your children may be interested in the business and you wish to structure your estate so that your assets are distributed fairly.

Estate Planning Solicitors

Estate Planning is very important to protect your assets and your family’s interests. The solutions are often complex to include tax planning, appropriate structuring for business succession and, of course, balancing the interests of the ultimate beneficiaries. Every individual’s requirements are different and Pollock Fairbridge Solicitors have the experience to provide you with the advice you need.

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