Selling a House

How to Sell a House in Scotland

If you are selling your house you will have many issues to consider. Which estate agent shall I use? How much do they charge? Do I need to instruct a surveyor? Which property solicitor firm should I use? We at Pollock Fairbridge Solicitors have extensive experience of the property market and can guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

Expert Property Solicitors in Stepps

Selling a house is stressful and can be expensive. We will provide accurate costs, including legal fee, search costs and any other necessary outlays, at the start of the transaction.  We will keep you updated with progress from receipt of the offer to completion of your sale. We do not employ paralegals and you will be dealing with an experienced property solicitor throughout.  We do not have an estate agency department but are happy to provide guidance on how to market your property and select an estate agent, if required.

After your property has been marketed and an acceptable offer is received, we will deal with everything on your behalf.  This includes concluding missives, i.e. the contract with the purchasers solicitors, dealing with diligence enquiries made on behalf of the purchaser, obtaining a mortgage redemption figure from your lender and thereafter attending to the redemption payment.  If you have a factor we will advise them of the change of ownership, requesting them to apportion sums due by you up until the date of settlement and will attend to payment of this on your behalf from the sale proceeds.  We can also assist in resolving issues with unauthorised alterations by liaising with local authorities and, if necessary, arranging indemnity insurance for missing documentation.  It is difficult to state how long a transaction should take to complete, however, six to eight weeks from receipt of the offer is not uncommon.

We often act for clients purchasing and selling their homes on the same day and whilst this can be a stressful time, we will liaise with the solicitors acting for your respective purchaser and seller to ensure both transactions complete with the minimum of fuss and stress to you.

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We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients. Most of our instructions are by referral from existing clients or other professionals.

For further information or to arrange an initial meeting please call Andrew Frew from our Property Team at our Stepps office or e-mail him at